Morellino di Scansano DOCG

Excellent Morellino di Scansano winning money awarded by Gambero Rosso.

The vines: Composition: 85% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot, 5% Cabernet
The soil: dark brown with many stones but with so much natural freshness from the balance right and important to bring the grapes to full maturity without stress for the screw, while picking grapes in the first decade of October.
Breeding: starting from a pruning of about four Razzoli two eyes per vine cordon set to low.
Soil tillage: Mechanical when it is needed in order not to develop weeds taking into account the slope of the land.
Pruning: the first takes place a few inches long going on with the vegetation is repeated, some years very vegetative, you can reach even five green pruning in doing so takes the vineyard clean and tidy to reduce also the treatments (strictly only estimates ) four to seven annui.L ‘watchful eye of winemaker in the months of June and July intervenes on the sorting grapes leaving little to be able to achieve a high quality product.
Maceration: the skins from 8 to 12 days fermentation in small stainless steel tanks and aged in bottle for 3-4 months.
Bouquet: delicate and fruity with hints of dried fruit.
Food pairing: grilled or roasted meats, game and mature cheeses
Color: ruby
Taste: Full, austere with notes of freshness.
Serving temperature: 18-20 ° C
Degrees: 13.5%

Olio - Oil

The oil of Capitana comes from a selection of olives frantoiane, moraiole and leccine all hand-picked by our secular olive trees, sculpted by the winds Maremma frame the Farm. The care in the early harvest of the olives, while going to the expense of yield, means that the product has a very low acidity and is characterized by the taste “pinch” of the typical Tuscan olive oil. The choice of a cold crushing crusher ancient millstones enhances the flavors and aromas of this product absolutely genuine.